Having firmly established credibility and reliability in the fuel and transport markets in Southern Africa, East Rand Bulk is a black empowered owner- directed and managed business entity boasting a proudly South African status.

East Rand Bulk, an entity of integrity and proficiency, delivers service levels engrained with a wealth of experience and expertise, spanning more than 35 years of steady progression and advancements.

The company was developed to complement the strengths of its associate company, Space Oil and Fuel, offering wholesale and transportation services of fuel to upper Gauteng regions and beyond. East Rand Bulk’s strength is now maintained through the professional and diverse skills of its dynamic infrastructure, staff and first-class business associates.

Numerous accolades of reliability, remarkable time management and increasing efficiency testify to the company’s steadfast establishment in the fuel and transport industry, advocating it as a formidable and permanent force among the various multi-nationals in its league.

East Rand Bulk offers a wide variety of services, ranging from the wholesale and retail of petroleum products at competitive prices; the transportation of fuel countrywide and across borders; and the hire of specialised tankers and horses; to storage of bulk petroleum products nationwide. Outside the corporate arena, dedicated staff and management champion the cause of the underprivileged and ill (with a focus on aids), lending both financial assistance and voluntary services to benefit the community at large.