East Rand Bulk offers a range of transport services nationally and internationally. The company’s network caters for the transport of:

  • Heavy Haulage/Flatdeck
  • Tanker Services (Hazardous Fuel)
  • Specialty Jet A1/AV Gas
  • LPG


The East Rand Bulk fleet of trucks, trailers and mechanical horses are fitted with the latest technology and specialist safety equipment to ensure the safety of employees. This fleet of new and modern vehicles conforms to the industry’s specialised requirements. The fleet includes:

  • Mechanical Horses
  • Metered Interlink Combinations
  • LPG Bulk Tankers
  • Meterless Bridging, Interlink Combinations
  • Jumbo Semi-Trailers (Equipped with Gravity Meters and Pumps)
  • Semi-Trailers (Equipped with Gravity Meters)
  • Rigid (Equipped with PTO and Gravity Meters)
  • Drawbar Trailers (Equipped with Gravity Meters)
  • Aviation /Jet A1 Interlink Combination


All equipment meet the latest safety and industrial requirements.