Who are we

A business dedicated to providing a quality service to each customer, as well as conducting business in a manner that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

What we offer

East Rand Bulk offers a large fleet of trucks, trailers and mechanical horses, each equipped with the latest in safety and tracking technology specific to our industry, combined with a friendly and highly skilled workforce. In addition to this, the company deals with the sale of petroleum products, the hiring of specialised trailers and the bulk storage of petroleum goods.

Where are we now

Currently, East Rand Bulk stands ready to take advantage of the opportunities as and when they present themselves. The South African petro-chemicals industry is the largest in Africa and the market continues to grow steadily each year. This creates many opportunities for East Rand Bulk in terms of future growth and expansion using its highly advanced fleet and trained staff.

Where are we going

East Rand Bulk aims to be at the forefront of innovation and technology in the wholesale and retail industry and holds a reputation for being the best resource for the transportation of hazardous liquids. East Rand Bulk also wishes to add to its fleet and be able to expand within the areas in which the company operates.


East Rand Bulk is seen as a going concern, as it is contracted to many of the leading petro-chemicals companies in South Africa, such as Sasol.